Global Learning Initiative


  • To provide strategic growth, expansion and management of college-level (COE) international partnerships, create and sustain college managed international strategic/special programs, manage student mobility through study abroad experiences (semester, academic year, faculty-led programs), Liaise and work collaboratively with various university units who are engaged in international education to increase the number of COE students who study abroad. To recognize and award the Global Learning Initiative (GLI) Distinction Honor Medallion to students who build global and multicultural awareness through selected global-content courses, language study, and international study abroad opportunities.

Study Abroad

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    • EDU 3390/5590 (3) Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience to Your Future (3SH) Studying abroad is a transformative experience that has the power to challenge our thinking and our perspective on the world. This course aims to attract students across disciplines, to promote inter-professional development, and to prepare them to expand their understanding of their global identity and communicate their growth in intercultural competence toward their personal and professional development. Students make connections between their study abroad experience and the broader range of skills connected with this experience, to become a competitive member of a global workforce.

    • PSY 3315 (3) Cultural and Diversity Psychology (3) This course is a theoretical and empirical analysis of how culture is connected to human behavior. Global cultural differences and perspectives will be discussed including research studies, theory, and comparative analyses (i.e. Eastern vs. Western comparative analyses). Discussions will include human behavior across different countries, the evolution of culture, self and personality, mental and physical health, and living in multicultural worlds. Diversity topics will cover such issues as gender, ethnicity, classism, disability, worldviews, and role constructions. Diversity discussions will include stereotypes, biases, ageism, ableism, and gender role development. Sexual orientation and evolving cultural laws will be examined.

    • PSY 4485 Psychology Study Abroad (3) This course examines how culture is related to human behavior. Relates major principles and theories of psychology to two or more cultures during a Study Abroad experience in a host country or countries. Prerequisites: PSY 2200 or Psychology Major or Minor.

Global Learning Initiative Distinction Honor

An award honoring students who build global and multicultural awareness through selected global-content courses, intercultural events, language study, and international study abroad opportunities.

Three GLI designated1 courses (9 semester/term hours) for undergraduate students or two courses (6 semester/term hours) for graduate students in addition to an international study abroad experience. Refer to Canvas GLI site Appendix A for listing of GLI designated courses. Undergraduate students must earn a grade of C or higher and graduate students must earn a B or higher in the designated courses. The EDU 3390/5590 Global Identity interdisciplinary course (see Canvas GLI site, Appendix B) can fulfill one of the three for undergraduate or one of the two for graduate student GLI course requirements. A Major or Minor in Language study in one modern language (TU Language offerings: French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Spanish) that meets degree requirements is equivalent to two (2) GLI course requirements. International students receive Designation credit for traveling to countries other than their country of origin.

1 Global Learning (GL) designated courses are undergraduate and graduate level courses in which 30% or more of the course content pertains to comparative intercultural and/or global cross-cultural learning. (See Inventory of Global Learning Designated Courses)

Approved Inventory of Global Learning Courses 2018-19

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