COE Boards and Councils

COE Advisory Board

Photo of CAEP Advisory Council

2017 All Members

Department of Teacher Education
Chair: Dr. Ruth Busby

Department of Certification and Field Experience
Chair: Dr. Jan Oliver

Department of Leadership and Development
Chair: Dr. Jason Wingate

EPP - Educator Preparation Advisory Council
Dr. Vicki Gilmer: Principal of Fort Rucker Schools

Counseling Rehabilitation and Interpreter Training
Chair: Dr. Andy Creamer

Chair: Dr. Kirk Davis

Counseling and Psychology Advisory Council
Mr. Jeff McCloud - Pike County Board of Education

Interpreter Training Advisory Board
Judith Gilliam - President of the Alabama Association for the Deaf

Extended Learning Center - Inservice - AMSTI - ACCESS

Executive Director of Educational Outreach: Dr. Robin Bynum

Director: AMSTI/ASIM Sherrie Blackmon

Director: ACCESS Virtual Learning Casey Mack

SEARIC - Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Education Center Advisory Council

Dr. Donnella Carter- Administrative Assistant, to the Superintendent, Pike County Board of Education

Monica Ousley- AMSTI representative

Individual Board Member Information

Photo of Judith Gilliam
Judith Gilliam
President - Alabama Association of the Deaf
Local and National Advocate for the Deaf
Photo of Vicki Gilmer
Vicki Gilmer

Fort Rucker Schools

Photo of Jeff McCloud
Jeff McCloud
Pike County Board of Education
Photo of Monica Ousley
Monica Ousley
AMSTI Representative

Photo of Donnella Carter
Donnella Carter

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Pike County Board of Education

EPP Advisory Council

Committee Member Name Employer Position/Title
Ms. Jasponica Florence Russell County School District Director of Career Tech, Community Education & Public Relations
Dr. Vicki Gilmer Ft. Rucker Elementary School Principal
Dr. Mark Head Pike County Board of Education Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Mr. Randy Wilkes Phenix City Schools Superintendent
Mr. David West Enterprise City Schools Principal, Coppinville Jr. High School
Dr. Kathy Murphy Hoover City Schools Superintendent
Ms. Cathy Lott Pike County Schools Reading Specialist
Dr. Ruth Busby Troy University -COE Chair Department of Teacher Education
Dr. Joe Johnson Troy University - COE Assistant Chair-Department of Teacher Education; edTPA Coordinator
Dr. Fred Figliano Troy University - COE Associate Chair-Department of Teacher Education; P-12/Secondary Coordinator
EPP Advisory Council

CRIT Advisory Council

Committee Member Name Position Information
Ms. Fran Sheel Director of Student Counseling Center at Troy University
Mr. Herbert Reeves Dean of Student Services at Troy University
Mr. Jeff McClure Pike County Board of Education
Ms. Teresa Stinson South Central Alabama Mental Health
Ms. Karen Brabham Clinical Director of Pathway, Inc.
Ms. Angela Ogleclark Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Dr. Andrew Creamer Chair for the CRIT
Dr. Keith Cates Clinical Director for CRIT, Associate Professor
Dr. Stephan Berry Associate Professor (School Counseling)
Dr. Carol Booker Clinical Counseling Supervisor, Lecturer
Dr. Joel Willis Associate Professor (Rehabilitation)
Dr. Patrick Faircloth Assistant Professor
Dr. Joshua Southwick Assistant Professor (Rehabilitation)
CRIT Advisory Council

ITP Advisory Council

Committee Member Name Role Organization
Dr. John Mascia President AIDB
Mr. Ben Hollingsworth President AAD
Mr. Patrick Robinson Director Regional Centers AIDB
Mr. Bedarius Bell State Coordinator -Deaf Services ADRS
Mr. Steve Hamerdinger Director - Office of Deaf Services ADMH
Ms. Billie Thompson

Special Education - Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Mr. Melvin Walker President ALBIT
Mr. Chris McGaha President ALRID
Ms. Beth Overland President COSDA
Ms. Wendy Lozynsky Community Member  
Ms. Bethany Miller Community Member  
Dr. Hank Dasinger Dean Troy
Dr. Andrew Creamer Division Chair Troy
Dr. Dionne Rosser- Mims Associate Dean Troy
Ms. Wendy Darling State Coordinator for Interpreter Services ADRS
ITP Advisory Council

Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Center - Troy University Governing Board Members 2017-18

Name Position

Ms. Kimberly Braisted

Coffee County Schools, teacher
Member, Governing Board

Dr. Ruth Busby

IHE Representative, Troy University
Member, Governing Board

Dr. Donnella Carter

Pike County Board of Education, Administrative Assistant
Chair, Governing Board

Mr. Michael Crews

Geneva City Schools, teacher

Dr. Diane Marshall Flournoy

Daleville City Schools, Assistant Superintendent
Member, Governing Board

Dr. Molly Killingsworth

Regional Support Coordinator, ALSDE

Member, Governing Board

Ms. Kelly Langham

Geneva County Schools, teacher
Member, Governing Board

Ms. Amie Miller

Geneva County  Schools, teacher
Member, Governing Board

Dr. James Ortego

IHE Representative, Troy University-Dothan Campus
Member, Governing Board

Ms. Leslie Reeder

Ozark City Schools, Board Member
Member, Governing Board

Ms. Kim Tharpe

Dale County Schools, teacher
Member, Governing Board
Mr. Zel Thomas
Enterprise City Schools, Assistant Superintendent
Member, Governing Board
Butler County, Administrator


Henry County Schools, teacher