Master of Science in Adult Education (MSADE)

In as little as a one and a half years, you can achieve your Master of Science in Adult Education degree by studying onsite or online with top-notch program instructors who have years of experience in adult education program development, management and instruction. TROY’s program excels in training adult educators, and your degree will provide you with an excellent foundation for a career or advancement in both public and non-profit sectors.

TROY’s MSADE is a quality degree: The program requires a total of 11 courses (5 core courses and 6 concentration courses). The program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to work in an adult education environment.

TROY’s MSADE is fast: Students can take a total of two graduate courses per term and complete the degree in as little as one and one half years.

TROY’s MSADE has three concentrations so you can choose your specialty: A student will choose one concentration that will complement the required core courses. Students can even receive a double concentration if they so desire. All MSADE concentrations are offered online and at select TROY campuses.

Concentrations are:

  • Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • Instructional Technology
  • Leadership Studies

TROY’s MSADE has added four 12-semester hour certificates that may be earned: A student may choose to receive a certificate in one of the four areas below. Each certificate requires 12-semester hours of coursework.

Certificate options are:

  • Certificate in Curriculum and Instructional Design (CID)
  • Certificate in Instructional Technology (IT)
  • Certificate in Leadership Studies (LS)
  • Certificate in Workforce Development (WD)

TROY’s MSADE does not have a Comprehensive Exam requirement: The final course is the Capstone course, ADE 6699. This course is a culminating experience that helps students integrate and apply the knowledge they have gained in their program.

TROY’s MSADE program is affordable and convenient: Classes can be taken online or in a traditional classroom setting at select Troy campuses. Online courses are taught entirely through the Canvas course management system over the Internet. The schedule of courses is online as well as all necessary forms, administrative materials, course information and contact information. Textbooks may even be purchased online!

The MSADE program can move with you to another state or be accessed when you are out of town. Anytime, Anywhere…TROY is there!

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