MSADE graduates earn a degree that …

  • Is versatile for different career options.
  • Offers real world applications.
  • Allows students to develop cross-cutting and transferable skill sets.
  • Allows students to develop curricula that incorporate an understanding of how the social context influences the field, including culture, policy, economics, and technology.
  • Allows students discuss the different ways in which adults learn and how to assess their needs, interests, motivations, and capabilities.

This MSADE program is designed for …

  • Professionals who work closely with adult populations in instructional, advising, or service capacities.
  • Professionals who design training and development for education, corporate or military organizations.
  • Professionals who manage educational technology and inventory at educational organizations.
  • Professionals who seek careers at technical colleges, two-year colleges, or four-year colleges/universities in office management, program development, student affairs, or business/administrative services.

Careers fields include …

  • Military and federal agencies — Instructors and trainers to meet mandatory and optional human capital initiatives.
  • DOD contractors — Instructional designers (GS 1750) to design education programs and training for the military.
  • State and local agencies — Trainers, educators, and curriculum developers to support public safety, homeland security, and human relations programs.
  • Community colleges and vocational schools — Numerous positions requiring adult education proficiency.
  • Private employers — Adult training program designers, teachers, and managers to support their workforce development programs and training divisions.