Dave Laton

Assistant Director for Career Technical Education, Alabama Community College System

“The education I received from my Master’s in Adult Education from Troy University has proven invaluable to me and the organizations I've served with. From my active duty days in the Air Force through my time in business and industry, and today in the Alabama Community College System, what I learned has made me successful in helping my constituents meet their personal and professional goals. I recommend this program to all education and training professionals.”

Charlie Goodyear

Director of Strength and Conditioning, Huntingdon College

“Studying in the Adult Education department at Troy University was a phenomenal experience. The faculty was accessible and involved throughout the entire process, and the support staff and other administrators were always very prompt and helpful. I can truly say they gave me the individualized attention needed to develop as a professional, and were excellent in giving feedback specific to each student’s current or future endeavors. The skills I developed through completion of the Adult Education curriculum at Troy University have proven to be priceless in my development as a leader in my career field.”

Trish Jones

Instructional Specialist, Department of Postsecondary Education

“The ADE program at Troy University has provided me with so much! Everything I learned in this program was directly and immediately applicable to my job. I developed skills required to excel in my current position and knowledge that has prepared me for future advancement. One of the major advantages of this program was that I had the opportunity to study with professors who are among the best in the field of adult education. They not only taught it, they believed it. They had a practical approach to learning and emphasized applying what we learned to our personal and professional lives.

I went into this program with great expectations and I benefitted even more than I ever imagined! Thank you Troy University!”

Ted N. Davis

Curriculum Development Specialist, Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development Division, Alabama Community College System

“My master’s degree program in Adult Education at Troy University Montgomery was very rewarding. The faculty continually challenged me to become more than I envisioned for myself and the course work was designed to move me out of my comfort zone and into a higher level of learning. The flexible scheduling allowed me to continue working full time and my degree helped me garner a highly desirable position. I encourage everyone to seek out higher education and I cannot think of a better place than Troy University to equip you for a better and brighter future.”