Quotations from Curtis Jones, Creative Artist

I’m an expert on me and nothing else, so I might as well keep it {my art} close to home.

If you do it right and it has enough presence, people realize they shouldn’t step on it. {cone exhibit laid out on the floor}

{My personal creative habit} Being obsessive about what I do…

{My design style} It is all sort of binary - - push and pull.

I have an on-going struggle with ants. Oklahoma is an ant hill in case you didn’t know that. {reference to images that look like ants}

ART WORDS piece: a list of words ~ every business I passed on the way to Super Target.

I draw 20 hours for every other hour I spend doing art.

I like the idea that art doesn’t live in my notebooks on my shelf…

I still like the ambiguousness of things – like my drawings. Give me acrylics, water colors and an X-Acto knife.

Texture and patterns started to become more important to me than my drawings.

Last updated: 03/20/2014

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