English Minor, Creative Writing Emphasis

The English minor with emphasis in creative writing focuses on the practical skills of producing creative texts and also of finding publishers for texts. Creative writing courses at Troy University are taught as workshops by practicing writers. Students write works of poetry, fictional prose, and non-fictional prose; these are peer-reviewed and critiqued by the other participants in the workshop. In addition to the workshops, occasional discussions and meetings with visiting writers are integral in the program, and students are encouraged to participate in all literary events, both on and off campus, and to create literary events, such as public readings, on their own.

Instruction in the minor is designed to:
  • Help the student explore and develop talent in the writing of the short story, poetry, the novel, or drama;
  • Develop an understanding of texts, forms, and theories in creative writing through readings in contemporary literature;
  • Involve the student in the practice of writing and the craftsmanship of creating significant literary texts;
  • Provide experience in professional writing, offering the student an opportunity to acquire the values of discipline, a give-and-take attitude toward editorial criticism, and a respect for meeting deadlines, which a professional writer must exhibit; students also participate in the day-to-day operation of a literary journal through internships with the department's nationally-distributed Alabama Literary Review (ALR);
  • Provide the student with the background in writing and general knowledge that are needed for continued work on the personal, professional, or graduate levels of the creative writing discipline.

Required Courses for the English Minor, Creative Writing Emphasis (18 hours)

ENG 3351 (3) Introduction to Creative Writing

In addition to the course noted above, students must select 15 hours from the following upper-level creative writing courses:
ENG 3352 (3) Advanced Creative Writing I
ENG 3353 (3) Advanced Creative Writing II
ENG 3354 (3) Advanced Nonfiction Writing
ENG 3355 (3) Verse Writing
ENG 3356 (3) Forms and Theory of Fiction
ENG 4427 (3) Contemporary Literature
ENG 4489 (3) Internship

Last Updated: 10/03/2017