Dothan Campus College of Communication and Fine Arts

The College of Communication and Fine Arts on the Dothan campus is represented by the Department of English, which houses studies in literature and language, Communications, Theater, Classics, and Journalism. The mission of the college is to provide students with excellent instruction and practical experiences in select CCFA disciplines. In addition, the College of Communication and Fine Arts works in conjunction with the College of Education to provide students majoring in English Language Arts with exceptional teaching and valuable practical experiences that aid students pursing a career in teaching.

The College of Communications and Fine Arts presupposes that some of life’s most-rewarding experiences arise from our ability to analyze and interpret intelligently literary works of the imagination; to study and appreciate various modes of artistic works and performances; to communicate effectively within a variety of contexts; to make informed and intelligent decisions in response to an increasingly complex, media-driven society; and to work harmoniously, individually, and collectively to accomplish educational goals.

The mission of the college includes the encouragement of an academic and performative climate within and beyond its institutional boundaries that promotes responsible, ethical, and informed expression within the disciplines of CCFA. Troy University – Dothan’s College of Communication and Fine Arts supports cultural events such as workshops, art exhibits, symphony concerts, and community functions such as those sponsored by the Wiregrass Museum of Art and Southeast Alabama Community Theatre that benefit the citizens of Dothan and the surrounding Wiregrass area.

For more information, please contact Dr. James Ortego (334-983-6556, ext. 1-391).

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