CCFA MFRI – Major Field Reading Initiative 2009-2010

Mission: To serve as TROY’s pilot MFRI program and develop a process that can be replicated by the other colleges and will be acceptable to SACS officials. SACS expects specific details on how the MFRI will be implemented and assessed. Since CCFA is on a condensed timeline, we will choose the book and create a plan of action this summer. The next college MFRI will begin the process with a spring 2010 book selection followed by implementation in Fall 2010.

  • Create committee
  • Elect a chairman
  • Select a book
  • Identify specific faculty and courses to “fully integrate” the book into the curriculum including qualitative and quantitative assessment Identify at least one “event / activity” presented by each department that will highlight a component or concept of the MFRI book
    • Music
    • Theatre and Dance
    • Journalism and Communication
    • Modern Languages & Classics
    • Art & Design
  • College goals / student learning outcomes
  • Plan for professional development
    • Faculty discussion of MFRI / book
    • Interdisciplinary opportunities & activities
    • Discussion groups
    • Identification and selection of CCFA student leaders
  • Promotion
    • Dean’s letter to CCFA faculty & Staff
    • Brief presentation at fall college meeting
    • Dean’s letter to all CCFA majors
    • E-mail blast to all CCFA majors
    • Brochure/calendar/ passport
    • Publicize calendar of events
  • Curriculum
    • Training materials
    • Assessment instruments
    • Discussion groups
    • Performances
    • Collateral activities
  • Assessment
    • If you can’t document it, it didn’t happen
    • Meets expectations
    • Exceeds expectations (w/ supporting data)
    • Does not meet expectations (plans for improvement)

Last Updated: 07/18/2012

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