Bachelor of Science in Design, Technology & Innovation  [graphic design]

The Bachelor of Science degree in Design, Technology & Innovation is a new approach to graphic design preparation. After much research and study of contemporary industries that utilize visual communications, the DTI program was developed to meet the growing demands for a designer who is more technocentric, more business saavy, and more able to create design strategies for the world around them.

Student designers go through a series of rigorous courses intended to develop not only technical and digital skills but are challenged to address the high demands placed by corporations and clients. Additionally, DTI students must hybridize their course of study with another area or discipline. A variety of preplanned hybridized majors are made available (such as: DTI/Photography, DTI/Marketing, DTI/Music Industry, DTI/Advertising, etc.). However, students can create or customize their own hybrid program of study through careful consultation with their academic advisor. This approach to graphic design has proven to be very marketable and of great interest to employers as student success as designers in a variety of fields runs high.

Below is a list of just some of the hybridized contracts that our DTI students have completed:

Advertising Writing Multimedia Design Print Jounalism
Business Administration Intercultural Communication Marketing
Photographical Studies Technical Theatre Music Industry
Psychology Broadcast Journalism Computer Science
Studio Art Advertising Museum Studies
Many more...    

To download a document with more detail about the specific BS DTI program, click here

For more information regarding special minors or contracts, you are strongly encouraged to have a consultation with an academic advisor within the DTI program.


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