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Visual Research on MACEDONIA and Region  ::

Views of Macedonia

Looking at the Region

It is true that "a picture paints a thousands words." It is upon this simple thesis that we will gather images that reflect the places and people of the region of Macedonia.








TASK: Above, your initials are alongside a designated aspect of Macedonian lifestyle and culture. Your task is to peruse the Internet and discover imagery that depicts the aspect of Macedonia that you have have been assigned. Download imagery that reflects that aspect, however, you must either gain permission to use the photo OR cite the location of the original photo so that we can give credit to its photographer and/or the original location. This is important!!!

You and your partner (if applicable) will need to select your top 25 images collectively to scale and make ready for the web. Below are instructions how to do that:

FORMATTING: After downloading an image (make sure to retain the citation info), format the image to be no more than 400 pixels in its longest dimension. Make certain that it is 72dpi and of course, it should already be RGB and should be saved in JPG format. Title the images appropriately and save them to turn in. You can either turn them in on disk (Malone 132) or attempt to email these as described below. We will be building a Macedonia Slide Show.

Your images should be turned in no later than Feb. 28 to jjohnson@troy.edu and to sdonahue@troy.edu and we will post these for all to be informed.