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Developing the GRAPHICAL STYLE ::

From Sara Dismukes US / Jerry Johnson US [design professors]

Moving FORWARD! To get us on to the next phase, we must determine a graphical style for our interface. Of course, all visual elements should be carefully considered with particular attention being given to typography, imagery, and color palette. Design students from TROY are to give their first graphical proposals for an interface—keeping in mind that this initial proposal is about style rather than content.

Utilizing a standard 800x600 pixel format, create a proposed interface for the website about Macedonian culture (which will feature the Small Montmarte of Bitola).

Thumbnails of these designs are posted below (and will continue to be posted). Informatics SE students are asked to send their reactions, critiques, suggestions, comments regarding the graphical style or look that is proposed. Be honest and helpful so that the designers can respond with even stronger visual concepts.

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Give helpful reactions/responses to the proposed styles: