First Time Faculty

TROY Online would like to extend a warm welcome to new faculty. As an instructor, you are a valued member of the TROY team. Because of you, our students achieve academic success and move a step closer to their goals on a daily basis. TROY Online is here to partner with you as you prepare to teach for the first time. We provide Canvas certification, which is discussed in more detail below. Our Instructional Design Team and Faculty Trainers also provide ongoing technology training and course design support. We are here to collaborate with you to develop engaging, interactive courses that meet the needs of our diverse body of learners. We look forward to working with you!

Canvas Certification

In order to comply with SACS standards, all instructors who wish to teach online or web-enhanced courses must first be Canvas certified. Completing Canvas certification will also help you understand the best way to utilize Canvas for online course delivery. You will need to take the Kung Fu Canvas Certification course to become Canvas certified:

Kung Fu Canvas Certification Course

The Kung Fu Canvas course is an online self-paced course. If you complete the course and become a Black Belt in canvas, you will be able to utilize the Canvas LMS for your online or web-enhanced course. If you would like to enroll in the Kung Fu Canvas course, please send an email to Your email should contain your Full Name, Faculty ID #, and the College you are teaching for.