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July 2015

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After the Term Ends

Instructors must submit final grades (via Trojan Web Express) in accordance with the

University deadline for final grade submittal. If an instructor misses the deadline for final

grade submittal, the instructor must fill out a “Change of Grade” form for each student.


Please keep in mind that in order for students to register for the next term, many

students are dependent on grades received for the current term (end of term

processing and transcription of grades). Additionally, there are often economic

reasons, in that tuition assistance – be it from the military, a private employer, or

through financial aid – is often dependent upon grades being received by a certain


Any students, properly requesting and receiving a grade of Incomplete (grade of I), must

contact the instructor to confirm the deadline for completing all course requirements.

Remember: Instructors are still responsible after the term ends for any students who

receive a grade of incomplete. Instructors


adhere to the Incomplete Grade Policy via

the TROY University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

Continuous Improvement


Use end of course student evaluation, blackboard reports, and

student assessment data to identify changes to your course. Incorporate changes into

your Development Course, as required.


Ask an Instructional Designer for a detailed design review and/or assistance.


If a QA peer review is conducted, then incorporate changes into your course

development course (used as master for term course).

Set an example for your students by demonstrating your commitment to life-long learning.

Participate in faculty development workshops to improve your teaching, technology skills

and commitment to professional development activities, assuring currency in your field.