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July 2015

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faculty to be accessible and provide timely feedback. Responsiveness of this nature also

contributes to the overall sense of instructor presence.

Instructors should respond to student questions within 24-48 hours. This includes any

emails, discussion board questions, and voice mail. Instructors must inform the learner of

when they can expect a response if the instructor cannot provide a detailed response within

24-48 hours. Any student complaint concerning a lack of response from the instructor will

be verified and reported to the respective College Department Chair. Depending on the

number of verified complaints and circumstances, it may be determined that the instructor

cannot continue to teach through eTROY. This decision will be made jointly by the Colleges,

respective Departments within the Colleges and eTROY.

Class Discussions and Community


Develop a sense of community among students in the

course. Keep students engaged in productive dialogue. Establish a learning environment

where students are comfortable disagreeing with other students while still maintaining a

sense of trust.


Communicate with students both with and outside of content class discussions by

sharing information related to the students’ professional interest and goals, and in an

effort to establish and maintain a sense of community among students.


Hold class discussions and participate. Identify areas of agreement and disagreement

on course topics. Exchange ideas in the student discussion, and continually challenge

students to deepen their thinking. Facilitate discourse.


Check the discussion forum daily and be sure to post responses to student

contributions at least four times weekly. You need not respond to each student’s

contributions, but use this opportunity to shape discussion, call attention to other

approaches, and answer specific questions raised by students.


Communicate on at least a weekly basis with your students using the Announcement

Feature, Video Everywhere, Bb Collaborate, Voice Tools, Class Discussions, Wikis,

Journals and other educational technology tools available.

Course Calendar


Keep course calendar updated and communicate important due

dates and learning activities.

Assignments & Assessments


Use the Blackboard assignment features and

Grade Center to manage course assignments.


If you teach in the College of Education, you will need to use


as instructed by

your department. Contact Marci Shirley -

- to request a




Post all grade results to the Blackboard Grade Center. Grade and provide feedback in a

timely manner, defined as a 3-5 day turnaround time for grading and student

feedback/posting grades.