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July 2015

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Exams/Quizzes/Assessments must align with the learning objectives and measure



Create Assessments of learning using varied approaches such as peer review, groups,

projects essays, papers, application. Consider using Respondus, Publisher Material or

Turnitin. Do not rely solely on the publisher resources or third party content,


Grade Center


Instructors should build a grade center with all assignments, activities,

participation, assessments and then include the associated points which will be awarded. If

weights are stated in the syllabus, then the Grade Center should reflect the weighted grade

including the total column. If an instructor or program selects to use publisher-based

assignments or tests, the grades and grade column must transfer back to the Blackboard

Grade Center. It is the instructor’s responsibility to create the grade column and post

grades in the Grade Center.

Instructional Technology


Uses varied instructional technologies (mobile, Bb Course

Tools, blogs, wikis, web2.0 tools) and multiple formats (audio, video, websites) in the

course delivery.


The course is functional on mobile devices, as designed and planned.



requirements are present in the course.



The instructor recognizes the importance of course development in

relationship to accessibility issues. Accommodating students of all abilities is vital.

Supplemental Material and Helpful Resources


Links to relevant materials and

resources outside the classroom are provided.


Use supplemental material for

remediation, if required.

Course Delivery Expectations

- The

following are requirements after the term begins and

students are in the course.

eTROY expects that all Blackboard courses will be made available and ready for students one

week prior to the first day of the new term and no later than Thursday at 5:00pm before

the term begins.

Complete and submit an attendance roster (via Trojan Web Express) by the end of week two.

Best Practices indicate that instructors should log in to their Blackboard course(s) on a daily

basis in order to respond to student inquiries, monitor student progress, engage in student

activities, and grade student submissions. eTROY requires that instructors login every 48

hours. If an instructor goes 72 (3 days) without accessing their course(s) in Blackboard, an

email notification will be sent to the instructor’s

email account. If the instructor is

out of the course for 96 hours (4 days), the instructor will receive a second email

notification. Key administrators, including the Department Chairs and Deans, will also be

notified of the instructor’s absence from their course(s). Remember: Students expect