Throughout our history, Troy University has been deeply engaged with its community through education, research, service and economic development. The diversity of our students, faculty and staff mirrors the real world, providing a unique experience for students that better prepares them to succeed upon graduation. At Troy University, students and faculty don't just study concepts, they live them.

From its humble beginnings as a Normal school in 1887 to today's international university, TROY has pursued a mission that can be summarized in two words: opportunity and excellence. Opportunity is evident in the wide spectrum of academic programs at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. As faculty, you are at the forefront of their disciplines, and participate in the creation of new knowledge. Most of all, opportunity means a chance for students with desire and talent to achieve their dreams, no matter what their backgrounds.

At Troy University, excellence guides all endeavors, and fuels a relentless pursuit of improvement - from buildings and classrooms, to faculty and teaching, to the systems and processes that drive operations. To be successful, it is critical that we understand the environment within which we operate. We must also anticipate the future direction of higher education so we can adequately prepare for it.

To achieve our mission, Instructional Design and Quality Assurance For Online Learning will offer professional development to both faculty and staff; host various conferences, workshops and events; and provide expertise in program and course instructional design and development. We will support faculty efforts to create learning environments that enable our students to achieve their highest learning potential. We look forward to working with you!