2018 Summer Spectacular


STEAM: Building a Solid Future
Imagine It - Build It - Test It

Attached is a registration form with information about Summer Spectacular 2018. Summer Spectacular is project based learning program where students are involved in hands-on learning. Some projects last several days or weeks; however, many are shorter projects. There will be different activities going on each week. The students are assigned to a homeroom where they remain for only a few minutes at the beginning of the day to hear about what will be taking place in all the rooms. The majority of the day students choose where they want to go, and can change rooms as often as they would like.
Then at the end of the day students return to homeroom to write some of their reflective thoughts in journals and talk about their day.

The majority of children who attend Summer Spectacular enroll all four weeks; however, they may choose which weeks to attend.  We will have three different rooms (RED, YELLOW, BLUE) from which students choose. Something new and exciting will be happening each week. If you would like to select a room as you child's homeroom, please write the name of the color on the top of the registration form.

If your child would like to attend, mail in the registration form along with the first week's registration fee to the address below (Checks made out to Troy University). You may also bring the registration form along with the first week's registration fee to Troy University Dothan Campus (Adams 300).

Download the registration form (click here)

Cynthia P. Hicks, Ph.D.

Troy University Dothan Campus
P. O. Box 8368
Dothan, AL 36304-0368

Please note: Limited number of spaces! Registration is on a first come basis.