Faculty & Staff

Victoria S. Springer, Ph.D

Victoria S. Springer, Ph.D

Adjunct Professor - Troy Campus and Troy Online

Montgomery Campus and TROY Online



PhD, Texas A&M University, Anthropology

BA, Texas A&M University, Anthropology

Areas of Expertise:

Biological Anthropology, Human Variation, Paleoanthropology, Dental Anthropology


Dr. Springer joined the Troy faculty in 2014.  Her main research interest is the relationship of modern humans to Neandertals, along with determining what skeletal traits can tell us about an individual or population.  In teaching, she emphasizes the relevance of anthropology for everyone in helping us to understand each other

Courses Taught at TROY:

Cultural Anthropology;
Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion;
Forensic Osteology;
Readings in Biological Anthropology

Upcoming courses: Readings in Anthropology: Ethnographies;
Language in Culture and Society;
Special Topics: Human Variation and Race