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Jeff Caudill

Jeff Caudill

Adjunct Professor- Troy Online


Telephone: 1-256-454-6737


B.S. Jacksonville State University

M.S Auburn University

Areas of Expertise:

GIS, Remote Sensing, Meteorology, Climatology, Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Political Geography, Urban Geography, Economic Geography, Human/Cultural Geography, and Geographic Migration


Mr. Caudill was a lead tutor at the ACE at Berry College, Georgia Highlands College, and Jacksonville State University. Mr. Caudill has lead the GTA Fellows program at Auburn University. He thought and train fellow GTA on how to run the classroom and act incase of emergency. He also taught several courses for the Department of Homeland Security for Weapons of Mass Destruction (wmds). He has taught and trained several departments at Auburn University on the operations of the T-Lidar units and Cyclone software.

His research and conference presentations have revolved around climate impacts on urban and migration patterns. His research and publications have large focus using GIS and other advance technological tools to prove, disprove or correlate new methods of advancement.

Courses Taught at TROY:

SS3377 Spacial applications in social science inquiry

Mr. Caudill hopes to bring new and exciting advancement courses to Troy using GIS. A few course studies that may come in future would be Spacial analysis in Criminal Justice, Market Analysis, Urban geographical impacts, Human geographic impacts of Spacial distribution.