Master of Science in International Relations (MSIR)

The Master of Science in International Relations (MSIR) degree program is a 12-course, 36-credit-hour curriculum of study designed to provide students the foundation and knowledge needed for understanding international relations. Students are encouraged to gain wide-ranging appreciation for the political, historical, cultural, economics, and geographical factors that affect international relations. This appreciation is accomplished through an interdisciplinary course of instruction that draws upon a variety of resources. In additional, students develop methodological, analytical, and theoretical skills necessary for understanding and evaluating the impact of global and national issues on world events.

The program offers courses covering an array of topical areas such as history, regional studies, comparative government, foreign policy studies, political economy, geography, conflict management, national security, international organizations and law, intercultural relations, and developing states.


International Relations Meeting
Gregory Douglas Davis
G. Doug Davis, Ph.D.
Director of the MSIR Program / Associate Professor
Troy University
331A McCall Hall (MSCX)
Troy, AL 36082