Mission of the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences at Troy University is a broad community of scholars, teachers, and students, who work together to pursue knowledge, develop critical and logical thinking skills, foster intellectual inquiry, and promote an under- standing of human society that is necessary to become an active and engaged citizen of the world. At the undergraduate level, students obtain a well-rounded education that is comprehensive in both scope and content. At the graduate level, students master a specialized body of knowledge and engage in original research under the supervision and direction of outstanding faculty members.

In pursuit of its mission, the College will:
  • offer demanding and well-designed undergraduate programs in the Social Sciences, Public and International Affairs, Physical Science, Life Science, Technology, and Mathematical Science that prepare students for life in the twenty- first century, as well as appropriate and rigorous preparation for advanced professional and post-graduate study;
  • offer graduate programs of a high quality that seek to prepare candidates as skilled professionals in select fields;
  • cultivate and champion mutually beneficial collaborations with the other colleges of Troy University at the program, department, and individual levels;
  • develop partnerships with private and public sector organizations that expand and enhance the University‚Äôs academic and service missions, and promotes the local, regional, national, and international community