Mathematics Club

The Department of Mathematics has great student involvement activities outside of the classroom, one many of which are sponsored by our Square Root of C Mathematics Club.  This is open to any student at TROY who is interested in Mathematics, and is a great way to get involved and network with other students.  We host many events each year, which help students in their professional and academic development, and helps promote interest in mathematics.  Our activities include

  • Seminars given by students and by faculty members
  • Math Movie Night and Game Night
  • Sudoku competitions & math bingo
  • Tailgating tent for students and faculty and their families
  • Workshops on graduate schools
Sudoku Competition Winners 2015 (Left to right: Hannah Hughes, Dillion Driskell, Elizabeth Brazier, Roger Rickman)
Professor Vitaly Voloshin giving a seminar on his sabbatical

Last Updated: 02/19/2018