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What is Geomatics?       Geomatics is a professional career field involved with sophisticated equipment on the land using models of the earth, computers, and professional judgment to provide spatial data products for clients.

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Geomatics?

  • I like working outdoors.
  • I feel good when I complete a meaningful project. The work in geomatics is project-oriented. Finish one job, then start another with different challenges and scenery.
  • I want to live and work near my hometown. Geomatics professionals provide services needed in every community.
  • I want to own my own business! Numerous business opportunities are projected as existing geomatics professionals retire.
  • I want to make a meaningful contribution to society! Professional membership in the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping gives you the opportunity to work with other professionals to make a difference.
  • I want to be paid well in my career! Geomatics four year graduates from Troy University are offered competitive starting salaries and enjoy excellent promotional opportunities.
Why a Four Year Degree?    New technological innovations and models of the earth's shape and gravity field require those who understand the underlying fundamentals of the field of geomatics.    Due to this rapidly changing technology and need to understand survey theory and models, many states including Alabama, require a four-year degree to sit for the licensing examinations in this profession.    A  four-year degree is the fastest path to licensure and access to the great benefits of a satisfying and rewarding career in geomatics.

Troy University Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program    Troy University offers a high quality professional program in Geomatics structured to give each student the individual attention they deserve. The program of instruction provides coverage of each of the sub disciplines of geomatics:

For more information about the Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Programs, check out the Troy University Undergraduate catalog.