Careers in Mathematics

The job outlook for non-teaching careers for math graduates has never been better. Math-related jobs continue to be included in Best Jobs list based on factors such as income, work environment, and employment outlook. Employers of our graduates include Microsoft, NASA, South Central Bell, Bluebell Ice Cream, ALFA, Regions Bank, National Security Agency, CAS/Wyle Group, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Developmental Center, and AFLAC.

For students looking for a teaching career, TROY's Mathematics Education program, where students couple a math major with an Education major, continues to produce excellent and award-winning secondary education teachers. Our graduates are sought after by school districts throughout the region.

The Mathematics Program at TROY emphasizes attention to each student and features small classes, quality instruction, effective advising, a departmental Math Club, national mathematics honor society, weekly seminars, a computer lab, and free tutoring.

According to, the Best Jobs of 2015, the number one job is an Actuary (they use probability and statistics to analyze risk and commonly work for insurance companies).  They also ranked Mathematician as number 3 on their list, Statistician as number 4, and Data Scientist came in at number 6.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2012 median salary for Actuaries is $93,680, for Mathematicians is $101,360, for Statisticians is $75,560, and for Operations Research Analyst (who are also mathematically trained) is $72,100.  Our department now has a minor in Statistics.




Last Updated: 02/19/2018