The Graduate School Experience

What to Expect From Graduate Study
in History

What advice would you give graduate students who are just beginning the program?

What was the most challenging part
of graduate school?

What our graduate students say about the program

"The graduate program has made me a better writer and researcher. It helped me refine my analytical skills as I investigate historical events and trends. You really have to work hard in the History MA program, but in the end it is worth it because it prepares you for the professional world. The classes you take will equip you with the writing and research skills needed for any career in history."

Becky Johnson, Class of 2016

How to Get Ready for Graduate School

The History Department has 2 "boot camps" to help you polish your skills before you get started in graduate school. The "Content Boot Camp" contains a series of lectures on the basic elements of American and European history located on the History Graduate Student Canvas site.

For those of you without a history background, this will be particularly helpful. Come back to this one as needed throughout your program.

Writing is an absolutely integral component of graduate-level history work. The department has also developed a "Writing Boot Camp" to help you with the basics of writing skills. Beginning in the fall of 2016, all new graduate students will be required to come through this boot camp prior to starting classes. This boot camp provides a series of modules focusing on different skills, like writing paragraphs, finding a thesis, and Chicago Style Citations. Students have "assignments" in the boot camp, and these will be evaluated and commented on by professors as students move through the lessons.

Continuing students will find Writing Boot Camp useful to help with writing skills as well. All graduate faculty will be using the Writing Boot Camp if they identify specific writing problems.