Master of Arts in History Program Degree Details

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Study in class or online

TROY's Master of Arts in history program is available in-class and online so that students have the flexibility to manage careers and families as well as graduate studies.

Choose your field of study

TROY's Master of Arts in history program allows students to choose a primary field of study in either American or European history, and a secondary field of study in either American or European history or a custom-designed field of your choice. All students will complete a set of three core classes as prerequisites to their work.

Choose your track

Thesis track students must complete 36 hours of coursework culminating in a thesis, an intensive, detailed, original research project. Thesis track students complete one comprehensive exam after their coursework in their secondary field of study (see video below). This track provides those students intending to continue their graduate work beyond the M.A. with skills in historical writing, analysis, research and theory. Thesis track students must also satisfy a language requirement in consultation with their advisers.

Non-thesis track students must also complete 36 hours of coursework. This track requires comprehensive exams in both the primary and secondary fields (see video below) This track gives students a broader understanding of history, historical methods, and theory and is not intended for those students wishing to pursue a doctoral degree.

Basic Information about the Thesis

Basic Information about Comprehensive Exams