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Dr. Elizabeth Corzine Dretsch
Assistant Professor Department
of Criminal Justice

Troy University
500 University Avenue
Dothan, Alabama 36303
Phone: (334) 983-6556 ext. 380







  • Ph.D. 2006 from University of Southern Mississippi (Administration of Justice with 33 hour minor in Educational Research)
  • M.S. 2003 from University of Southern Mississippi (Criminal Justice)
Recent Publications
  • Dretsch, E.C. (forthcoming 2012). "Chronically Ill Inmates" Special Needs Offenders in Correctional Institutions, ed. Lior Gideon. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • McMullan, E.C. (2011). "Seeking Medical and Psychiatric Attention" Rethinking Corrections, eds. Lior Gideon and Hung-En Sung. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Moore, R. and McMullan, E. (2010). "Neutralization and rationalization of digital piracy: a qualitative analysis of university students." International Journal of Cyber Criminology, 3(1), 441-451.
  • McMullan, E.C., P.E. Carlan, & L.S. Nored (2010). "Future Law Enforcement Officers and Social Workers: Perceptions of Domestic Violence." Journal of Interpersonal Violence 25(8).
  • Carlan, Philip & McMullan, Elizabeth C. (2007). "A Contemporary Snapshot of Police Women Attitudes." Women and Criminal Justice, 19 (1).
  • Moore, R., McMullan, E. C. (2004). "Perceptions of peer-to-peer file sharing among university students." Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 11 (1), 1-19.

Current Areas of Research Interest

Offender Reentry, Mental Health Courts, Alternatives to Incarceration, Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence, Perceptions of Criminal Justice Careers, and Peer to Peer File Sharing Activities and Perceptions.


Last Updated: 10/16/2012

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