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Elizabeth D. Blum Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Troy University
Troy, Alabama 36082
Phone: (334) 670-5663


1991  BA (with high honors) University of Texas
1997  MA (history) University of Houston
2000  PhD (history) University of Houston

Dr. Blum completed her dissertation, "Pink and Green:  A Comparative Study of Black and White Women's Environmental Activism in the Twentieth Century," under the direction of Dr. Martin V. Melosi at the University of Houston.  She began teaching at Troy University in the fall of 2000.  Since completing her dissertation, Dr. Blum has continued an interest in the intersections of race, class, and gender in the environmental movement.  She recently completed her first manuscript for the University Press of Kansas on activism at Love Canal entitled "Enlarging the Picture:  Snapshots of Race, Class, and Gender at Love Canal."  Her next book project will involve a study of how environmental values get transferred to different age groups through an examination of popular culture sources.

Classes Taught:
US History to 1877
US History from 1877
Environmental History of the US
American Women's History
Contemporary America (post 1945)
African-American History

Dr. Blum also serves as Vice President of the Faculty Council, and Co-Chair of the Faculty Development Committe at Troy University.  If Dr. Blum had any spare time, she would love to ride her horse, Baxter.  She has no free time, however, mainly because of a small person named Aidan Gabriel Blum who was born in August of 2005.  Aidan enjoys eating spaghetti and making a big mess.  He also likes hippos, putting the dogs' food into their water bowl, and climbing on things he is not supposed to.  Dr. Blum is married to Sean Blum (who has no spare time, either), who works for the Alabama Supreme Court, and is also the most wonderful, kind, funny husband ever.


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