Liberty, Markets, and the Great Books Reading Group

The Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy is pleased to announce the 2014 “Liberty, Markets, and the Great Books” Reading Group. This reading group will provide Troy University students with a rigorous, in-depth look into books that have had a major influence on contemporary economic and political thought. By reading and studying these books, Troy University students will have a better understanding of free market ideas, political theory, and American’s intellectual heritage.

BooksAll Troy University undergraduate students are welcome to apply; however, only ten students will be selected to participate. Selected students will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Full attendance and satisfactory completion of assignments are necessary for a student to receive the scholarship.

Discussion sessions will be held Wednesdays (4-5:30pm) during the Spring 2014 semester. Attendance is absolutely required. A light snack will be provided at the beginning of each discussion session. Please do not apply if you already have a Wednesday night commitment.

Students will be expected to contribute meaningful, perhaps provocative, comments in a relaxed, educational atmosphere. Once a Great Book has been completed, the faculty discussant will assign a project for the students to complete. This project will require the students to delve deeper into the content of the Great Book and it will help faculty leaders verify that students completed the assigned readings.

The Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy is immensely grateful to the APGAR Foundation, Inc. for providing a generous donation for the creation of this reading group.

Last Updated: 01/08/2014

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