MODULE 5: Additional Database Information Sources:
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Business data.

Articles, yes, but also data—information about companies and industries.

The Library provides a number of databases that are useful in researching business and management topics. Databases include ABI/INFORM Complete, Business and Company Resource Center, Business Source Premier, Emerald Fulltext, General BusinessFile ASAP, Hoover’s Company Profiles, Hoover’s Company Records, Key Business Ratios, LexisNexis, Regional Business News, Westlaw Campus Research, and World Data Analyst.

Many of these databases provide access to articles, but many of them also (or exclusively) provide data—verbal and numeric data both on individual companies and on industries.

SAMPLE 1 of 3:

Business Source Premier (Enhanced Business Search). There are two types of logins for the Business Source Premier database. For researching industries and companies, you are best served by using the Enhanced Business Search interface. Try this: Log in and search (use the default search, Keyword) on the words quantas airways. The results page should offer to limit its findings to academic journal articles, SWOT Analysis, Industry Profiles, Company Profiles, Market Research Reports, and more.


SAMPLE 2 of 3:

Hoover’s Company Records is a database that covers more than 40,000 companies, 225,000 key executives, and more than 600 industries, delivering up-to-date business information. It provides in-depth industry analyses, information on a company's location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers, and more. Hoover’s Company Records is simple to use. Search for your company and then view the main entry. To the left, there will be a menu from which you can select Fact Sheet, Overview, History, People, Products and Operations, Competitors, and Financials. Sample search (to show you how it works): Search on the word caterpillar. From the results list, click on the first item, "Caterpillar Inc." You're there ... it's that simple.

SAMPLE 3 of 3:

Here is a mission for you to try—the Company Dossier (sounds intriguing) area of the LexisNexis database.

Log into the LexisNexis database. Any/all of the LexisNexis choices on the Library's database menu will take you there. Once logged in, choose Business from the top menu (General, News, Legal, Business, People).

Company Dossier offers a number of powerful ways to search. Use the View tutorials link (in the lower left) to learn more.


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