MODULE 5: Additional Database Information Sources:
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A picture will not actually count as a thousand words, but it can enhance your work.

It is important not to use images from the Internet unless the right to use the image has been properly established.

Images from the Library’s databases are licensed for use. They may not be used in commercial or formally published works, but they may be used in student and faculty papers and other presentations.

Information pertaining to images from databases is highly reliable. The images, and their related text, are from highly reputable sources such as United Press International (UPI), Getty Images, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives.

As shown earlier, the database Annals of American History is chock full of images.

SIRS Discoverer is a database that is also good for finding high-quality images. The thumbnail to the right is a sample of one of six images available in this database for jazz musician Duke Ellington. The full-sized mage (9" x 7") is available within the database.

A major source of images is the Academic Search Complete database. Although it is primarily a database for articles, the Image Collection within the database provides access to more than 180,000 images relating to people, natural science, places, history, and flags.

Try it out!

Log into the database. On the top toolbar, click More. From the resulting drop-down menu, select Images. The Image Collections Search Screen appears.

The search screen looks like this. Notice that we are preparing to search for the term uss carl vinson.


The search returns more than seventy images. Below is a sample of the results list.


The sample image shown below has been reduced in size and quality in order to comply with copyright; no further reproduction is authorized.

You'll have to try out the database of you want to see the full, 10" x 6" image!

Caption: NAV2001102405 - 23 OCTOBER 2001 - USS CARL VINSON: A Sailor takes a break at the aft end of the flight deck after during a break in flight operations on board USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) October 23, 2001. Carl Vinson and its carrier airwing are conducting missions in support of operation Enduring Freedom. rlw/U.S. Navy Photo/Saul Ingle UPI.



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