MODULE 4: Articles as Information Sources:
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Along with books, articles are one of the major ways in which information, particularly information of a scholarly nature, is recorded. Therefore, it is one of the major places to find information that is well-suited for creating a college paper, speech, presentation, etc.

Articles are sources of information that are contained in a storehouse.

That storehouse is a publication ... it can be a magazine, a journal, a newsletter, or a newspaper. These serial publications can be print, or they can be electronic.

Where are the articles and the publications that contain them?

How do you know what articles and publications are available?

These are really two separate questions.

Articles: Much of the time, the researcher does not so much have a specific publication in mind, as he or she does a topic. They want to know Where can I find articles on my subject?

The answer is that you use a database. The TROY Library provides such databases—databases for art, music, and literature—databases for business, history, and psychology—databases for all types of subjects.

Publications: Sometimes you just want to browse through a specific journal, so you need to know where you can locate it (the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, for example). Sometimes you have a specific article you need to read and, to find the article, you need to know where to find the publication it is in. Maybe you just want to know what journals are available in the field you are teaching or studying—for example, you want to know what education journals are available (over 700, by the way).

The Library Catalog can be used to identify print and electronic journals to which TROY subscribes.

The Journal Search database lists all of the electronic journals available full-text in the databases provided by the Library.

How do you get your hands (or at least your eyes) on the articles?

How do you know if an article (or any other source of information) is suitable for your research?

How do you know how to document (create citations and references for) articles?




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