TROY1101 Library Toolkit (for Faculty)

Global Campus Library, Library Toolkit for TROY 1101, University Orientation, as taught at Global Campus sites. This toolkit is for Global Campus sites only.

"Stuff you can use to teach and test your TROY 1101 students regarding TROY Library services."

Prepared by Mr. Jay Brandes, Global Campus Librarian
Questions? 800-800-9660,

Mr. Brandes will be glad to work with you, the instructor, to create any teaching or testing materials you desire. The following are some standard materials that are used regularly at a number of Global Campus sites.

Each instructor teaches class in his or her own way, so these materials have been designed to be extremely flexible in terms of what you choose to use and how you might use it.

For your syllabus: Please make sure you are using the most recent Library information. (This isn't really optional — this is the current syllabus data for all Global Campus syllabi.)

For eTROY, eArmyU, Pacific Region, Southeast Region, Western Region, and International sites: this Microsoft Word® document contains the up-to-date Library information.

Basic Library handout

TWO PAGE VERSION: The bare bones of how to find the library online, the resources offered, and a full list of our contacts. A more robust version is the five page version, below.

FIVE PAGE VERSION: This is guide that is included in TROY ONLINE, a course of instruction that is required for all students taking classes via eTROY. It has the same (full) contact list as the two page guide, but includes core information about library resources and related concepts, i.e., Library Catalog; Book and Journal Databases; Documentation (citations and references); Locating Journals; and Peer-reviewed/Refereed Journals.

Class material: This will be updated (and dated as such) each term. T1/11 is the current version. You might use this face-to-face (in the classroom) with students—that was its original design—or have them do it on their own time.

Discovery Assignment: This will be updated (and dated as such) each term. This (or portions thereof) can be done in the classroom, but it is well suited to be a homework assignment.

Answer key to the Discovery Assignment: I don't post this online, but instructors can just e-mail me for a copy.

A Student Guide to Plagiarism: The Discovery Assignment makes use of this, but it is a tool that you may wish to use on its own. It is online in the Information and Help section of the Library site.

Last updated: 10/04/2012

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