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Request Instruction Session

Faculty Member: We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your students to make their library research for your course efficient and effective. Use this form to request a library instruction session for your class. After submitting the form, the faculty member will receive confirmation from a librarian to finalize the time and content of the session.

  • Provide all of the requested information so that we may better prepare for your session. Items marked with an asterisk * are required.
  • Submit only one class session at a time.
  • Submit your request 10 business days in advance of the instruction date request.

Online Faculty Members: If your online course requires library research of any kind, your student would benefit from library instruction and assistance. We will conduct a session for your students through Wimba.

Materials Purchase Request Form

Please complete and submit the following form, making sure to enter those required fields that are marked with an asterisk. Please note that all requests will be reviewed by a librarian, and may take several weeks to be processed. For urgent requests, please call, Staff Directory or come to the library to speak directly with a staff member. Requesting an item does not automatically mean that it will be purchased.

Research Consultation Request

Troy University, Troy Campus Students, Faculty or Staff ONLY

The Research Consultation Program allows you to receive individualized assistance from a librarian to assist with a research project or assignment. In a Research Consultation, the librarian will help you develop a research strategy and recommend both print and electronic resources that are appropriate for your research needs. In addition, the librarian will recommend search terms and resources that will be helpful with your research. Please fill out the Request Form with as much detail as possible to schedule a Research Consultation. You may choose to have your Research Consultation completed in-person or via email. Please note, however, that for some topics email is not the best mechanism for receiving research assistance.

A Research Consultation is a meeting with a librarian, who has investigated a subject or topic of interest to find the best sources available, both within the library and beyond it. During the Research Consultation the librarian will demonstrate how to find these sources - books, articles, and all other types of research/information materials. Research Consultations may be scheduled for an in-person meeting at the Troy campus library, or for an email response, advising of both paper and electronic resources available on a topic.

May a group of people doing a project set up a research consultation?

Groups working on a single subject are welcome to meet with a librarian as a group. If a group has a similar, or even the same, assignment, but different responsibilities or different topics, each member should schedule an individual Research Consultation. If you are not sure if members of your group need to meet as individuals, ask a librarian.

How fast will we get the results?

If you submit a request for an in-person Research Consultation, you will be contacted via email after noon the following business day with the date and time of your appointment. If you have a problem with the scheduled time and date you may request to reschedule. If you schedule a Consultation by email, we will try to get you your results within one (1) to two (2) working days. However, there may be reasons for a delay. For example, if the research needs are complex or unclear, we will contact you for clarification. Generally, you will want to set up a Research Consultation as early as possible so you can best benefit from the assistance we offer.

Can you answer any and/or all questions via email?

No. Experience tells us that email is not always the best way to get research assistance. When you meet face-to-face with a librarian, we can engage in a dialogue, asking questions to clarify your reference needs. Certain topics might require the use of printed materials in the library. We'll try to provide as much assistance as we can via email, but sometimes it is just not feasible.

Will you actually do the research for me?

No. We will usually not retrieve articles and books for you. If you schedule an in-person Research Consultation, while demonstrating the research process, we may discover a few articles or books as examples that you can use. Our focus, however, is to help you learn the research skills needed for the paper or project. We will identify relevant reference materials, indexes, databases, and online resources. We will discuss approaches to doing research on a topic, especially when it comes to vocabulary and terms. For example, we can tell you what phrases and terms to use for a topic when searching in a database. Since we also recommend specific databases, our true value is pointing you towards the resources most likely to address your research need.

How long will a Research Consultation take?

You should allow for one hour. Often, it takes less time, but you may have additional questions.

Last updated: 06/19/2013

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