Housing and Residence Life

2012 Summer Room Prices

Welcome to TROY! We are excited to have you living in one of our communities. You will have a well-trained staff consisting of a Community Director and Resident Assistants to help you with academic or personal issues. It is important that all members of a living community follow set guidelines and policies so that everyone will experience a safe and comfortable living environment. Please review these policies on our website to familiarize yourself with our expectations.

Important Instructions Regarding your Room Assignment

  1. Confirmations: Your assignment must be confirmed by the deadline stated on your assignment form. Email confirmations are encouraged as we can reply and let you know it was received. No phone confirmations will be accepted but you can also fax or mail it in.
  2. Failure to confirm by the stated deadline will result in loss of room assignment without further notice.
  3. Cancellations: - If you will be cancelling your room please notify our office in writing so that the space may be reassigned to someone on the waiting list and your billing may be adjusted.
    Late Cancellation Fee - after confirming, if you later need to cancel your room; your cancellation must be RECEIVED in the Housing Office on or before April 1, 2012. Cancellations received after this date will incur a late cancellation fee in the following manner: Cancellations received between April 2, 2012 and May 11, 2012 will be charged $100. Cancellations received May 12, 2012 - August 14, 2012 will be charged 30% of the room rent: example Trojan Village room cost $2250.00 x 30% = $675.00 late cancellation fee. Cancellations received August 15th and after are subject to full room/board charges.
  4. Move Requests - It is impossible to give everyone their choice of building. If you were not assigned to the building you wanted; space was not available there. Move Day is established to assist you in checking for vacancies or roommate changes. You must see the Community Director for the area in which you wish to move to inquire about space availability when you arrive. Please do not call the Housing Office and request to be moved now. Move Day will begin at 6:00 p.m. on August 15th and continue for approximately two weeks as vacancies occur.
  5. Roommate Issues - Residents are encouraged to discuss with their roommates, issues that are important to them; such as bed times, phone messages, guests and cleaning duties. If you need help in initiating a conversation regarding a sensitive area, please see your Resident Assistant.
  6. Meal Plans - please visit the housing webpage for descriptive information regarding meal plan options. All students who reside on campus are required to have a standard meal plan (unless assigned to Greek Housing, Pace Hall, Hillcrest/Paden House or Honor's Cottage where students may opt for the Dining Dollar meal plan).

Residence halls will open for 2012 Fall August 11, 2012. Students must check into their room between August 11, 2012-August 14, 2012. Check in times are 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. daily.

Trojan Village Residents Check-in - Check-in for all Trojan Village buildings will be done in Building 200.

All other buildings check in at the building you are assigned to. Rooms must be claimed no later than August 14th 5:00 p.m. If you must arrive late, notice must be received in the Housing Office by noon on August 14th)

Hall Meetings - Informational meetings are held to keep students aware of policies and safety issues. It is important that residents attend all Hall Meetings. Hall Meetings are considered MANDATORY. Non-attendance will not be considered an excuse if you break a rule. "I didn't know" is not an excuse. It is your responsibility to attend meetings and ask questions, and be informed of residence life policies. See your building director or RA when you check in for date/time(s) for meeting(s).

Windows - Trojan Village windows are designed to only raise approximately six inches for safety reasons. Do not attempt to raise the window above this height. A stop is in place to keep the windows from raising any higher. Attempts to raise the window higher will result in damage to the window and the responsible party or all residents of the apartment will be billed for the repair.

Tension rods may be used to put up curtains, but no holes or screws may be drilled into the walls.

Walls - Nails, screws or tape are not allowed for use to put items up on the wall. Small items may be put up with a push pin. Poster putty can be used; however it must be scraped from the wall and cause no damage to the wall in order not to be fined during checkout. No heavy items are allowed on the walls. Damage to the walls will result in a fine.

Floorplans and window measurements - please visit the website for size of room and pictures. and click on tour halls.

Cleaning Responsibilities - It is the responsibility of all on campus residents to maintain the cleanliness of their room or apartment. If you experience problems with "messy" roommates you are encouraged to speak with the roommate(s) first and if needed contact your RA or Community Director to mediate a conversation.

  • Trash - Residents are required to take their trash out on a regular basis; either daily or weekly. Trash should not be allowed to build up and overflow onto the floor.
  • Bathrooms - residents are required to clean the toilet, sinks, bathtub/shower and floors on a regular basis in the suite-style or apartment style rooms.
  • Carpet - Residents are required to vacuum the carpet in their bedroom area and in the shared living areas on a regular basis. A vacuum is available for check out. See your Resident Assistant or Community Director to check out a vacuum. Please empty dust container before returning.
  • Tile Floors - should be swept and mopped on a weekly basis.
  • Laundry Rooms - Washers/dryers in all of the residence halls. You may use quarters or put money on your University ID card to use. It is $1.25 to wash & $1.00 to dry per machine.

A safety and cleanliness inspection will be done twice a month for all on campus residential buildings. The inspections will be done approximately on the 15th and 30th of each month. Check your R.A.'s bulletin board for your floors' schedule. Residents must pass inspection or be fined. Any resident that fails inspection for the third time in a row will be asked to vacate the room.

Visitation Policy - Residents are allowed to have guests during Visitation Hours – which are the following hours: Monday through Sunday from 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight.

All guests must be properly signed in and leave picture ID at check in point with the Office Assistant on duty. Guests and residents found in violation of the Visitation Policy will be fined and repeat violators will face Judicial Action. A guest is considered to be anyone that is not a resident of your room, regardless if they live in the same building. Buildings that are on the honor system must also abide by visitation hours and policies. Our desire is to keep everyone safe, but to do that we need your cooperation.

Please see Residence Life Policies on the web site at

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