Housing and Residence Life

Trojan Village Apartments (next to Clements Hall)

Trojan Village Apartment Prices:
Two Bedroom $2,820
Four Bedroom $2,510

There will be two and four bedroom apartment units available. Each unit has individual bedrooms (you may apply for a bedroom not an entire apartment).

Photos (click to enlarge)

compliments of Lacey Fralic, Megan Wynn, Jessica Henderson & Alecia Posey

Floor plan

Long Twin Beds
Living Room Window Measurements: 70"W x 58 1/2"H
Bedroom Windows Measurements: 34 1/2 "W x 52 1/2" H
Individual Bedroom Measurements: 9.33 x 11.54
Room Closet Measurements: 2.03 X 3.50

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