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Master of Science – Sport & Fitness Management

The Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Management (SFM) at Troy University is one of only five graduate Sport Management programs in the country accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). Troy University’s SFM undergraduate program is one of only three COSMA accredited Sport Management graduate programs offered online in the country. Additionally, Troy University’s SFM undergraduate program is one of the leading Sport Management graduate programs in the southeastern part of the United States due to the quality of the faculty, experience in online education and the limited number of institutions in this region offering Sport Management graduate programs online.

The SFM program is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage in the practice of management in a variety of settings. The total experience within the SFM program facilitates students to have an exceptional fundamental education, service learning experiences, and exposure in related industries for career preparation. The goal of the program is to create an integrated academic learning environment for analyzing and resolving the challenges in the deliverance and business of sport-related industries.

The SFM faculty at Troy University is comprised of twelve full-time faculty members with extensive knowledge and practical experience in sport-related industries. Faculty members in the SFM program are well-known for their expertise in a variety of research areas which include: economic impact, economic valuation, marketing, organizational behavior, sport law, event management, facility management, risk management, intercollegiate athletics, and many others. For instance, Dr. Packianathan Chelladurai is the most recognized scholar of management science, specializing in organizational theory and organizational behavior in the context of sport in academic sport management. Dr. Chelladurai has authored five textbooks and contributed over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles to the sport management literature.

The breadth and scope of the SFM faculty’s practical experiences includes the full range of the sport industry from consulting for organizations in the professional sport industry to working in community parks and recreation departments. For example, several SFM faculty members have numerous years of experience working in intercollegiate athletics departments at University of Central Florida, University of Southern Mississippi, Syracuse University, Florida State University, University of Montana, University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

In addition to the extensive knowledge and practical experience of Troy University’s SFM faculty, the faculty is dedicated to providing support for student achievement. This support is accomplished through the availability of the SFM faculty. Faculty members offer students flexible schedules for meetings, and pride themselves on being accessible through a variety of outlets, such as face-to-face, teleconferencing, web-conferencing, telephone, and email.

Students admitted into Troy University’s Master of Science in SFM program will select between two concentration areas: Athletic Administration or Coaching. The broad-based, comprehensive curriculum prepares students in each concentration area to:

  • Direct individuals how to provide programs and services to ensure the quality and effectiveness of such programs/services,
  • Motivate individuals to enhance performance,
  • Enhance skills and functions essential for productivity,
  • Improve necessary communication skills,
  • Analyze data in order to plan, develop, and sustain various programs, facilities, and services,
  • Apply critical thinking skills to effectively analyze issues and form sound and well-based judgments, and
  • Function in a variety of roles including manager, consultant, educator, administrator, researcher, and advocate in diverse sport-related settings.

What is Sport Management?

Sport Management is defined as “the study and practice of all people, activities, businesses, or organizations involved in producing, facilitating, promoting or organizing any sport-related business or product” (Pitts and Stotlar, 2007). The sport business industry is then defined by “the market in which the products offered to its buyers are sport, fitness, recreation or leisure related and may be activities goods, services, people, places or ideas” (2007). A vast amount of literature supports the steady growth of the sport industry. Sport researchers estimated the growth of the sport industry would be close to $121 billion by the late 20th century (Rosner, 1989; Meek, 1997; Pitts, 2001). However, at the turn of the century many researchers noted the worth of the industry to be within a range of $200-250 billion (Gillentine & Crow, 2009). Recent estimates by Plunkett Research (2011) actually noted the worth of the sport industry at approximately $422 billion. This steady increase in the value of the sport industry has resulted in increased employment opportunities within the industry. As the employment opportunities have increased, so has the demand for trained individuals; hence the development of specialized programs of study dedicated to sport business management (Gillentine & Crow, 2009).

Students graduating with a Master of Science in SFM degree from Troy University will have developed a diverse skill set preparing them for a variety of positions in sport-related industries. Students may choose to work at multiple levels of sport: interscholastic, intercollegiate, professional, and recreation levels. Positions may include but are not limited to working as: program directors (recreational and/or fitness), marketing and promotions directors, event managers, facilities directors, corporate sales directors, directors of ticketing and financing, compliance directors, sport retail managers and sales representatives, athletic directors, strength and conditioning positions, personal trainers, coaches, and other positions in sport-related businesses/organizations.

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