1. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of risk factors that may be encountered by the physically active population and be able to implement a risk management program, a prevention program, and manage a health care facility.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge to recognize, assess and treat the acute injuries and illnesses of athletic and physically active individuals and to provide appropriate medical referral.
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge to plan, implement, document and evaluate the use of therapeutic modalities and therapeutic exercise in the treatment of injuries and illnesses in the athletic and physically active population.
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge to recognize, treat, and refer when appropriate the general medical conditions and disabilities of athletes and others involved in physical activity.
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge to understand professional responsibilities, avenues of professional development and to promote athletic training as a profession.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to gather and present research as it relates to the profession of athletic training.
  7. Demonstrate professional responsibilities and comprehension of effective supervision through a progression of clinical rotations.
  8. Student must complete requirements for eligibility for the National Athletic Trainers Board of Certification Examination as set forth and endorsed by the NATA-EC, BOC and the CAATE