Kadena Air Base, Japan

Mailing Address
Troy University
Unit 5134, Box 40
APO, AP 96368-5134

Directions to Office
Education Center Bldg. 59
Rm. 221, Behind Marek Park

Local (098) 959-3940 (098) 938-1111 ext. 634-2041
Int 011-81-98-959-3940 011-81-611-734-2041
Office Hours: 08:00-17:00

Schedule of Classes

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Location Contacts

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Mr. Phillip Gray
PACOM Program Director

DSN 634-5365
Ms. Stephanie Burke
Director of Student Services

DSN 634-7464
Dr. Clifton W. Sherrill
MSIR Professor and Academic Advisor

(098) 959-3940
DSN 634-5539
Ms. Jennifer Flores
Site Manager

(098) 959-3940
DSN 634-5365
Dr. Joel R. Campbell
Associate Professor, Advisor

DSN 634-5539/634-5365


Last Updated: 03/27/2017

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