Appeals, Suspensions, Etc.

Judicial Readmission

Undergraduate Readmission Procedures after Academic Suspension

Students who have been suspended from Troy University must apply for readmission and may be readmitted under probation after serving suspension. However, students may appeal to the appropriate site designee for readmission under certain mitigating circumstances to avoid suspension. Contact your Student Services Office for appeal forms and appropriate contact information.

If you have been academically suspended from another institution, before you can be admitted to Troy University, TROY requires a letter from your former institution stating that you are eligible for readmission to that institution. There is no waiver to this requirement.

Graduate Readmission Procedures after Academic Suspension

To be eligible to petition for readmission, a student must have been out of school for at least one calendar year. Students may submit petitions for readmission two (2) months prior to the eligible readmission date.

Procedure for Readmission

  • Petition in writing to the Dean of the Graduate School citing the particulars of his/her case including:
    a) letter describing the circumstances that led to academic suspension and give evidence of future success before being considered for readmission
    b) copy of students transcripts
    c) appropriate letter of support from faculty members and documentation
    d) updated Application for Admission
    Note: Global Campus, Phenix City, Dothan and Montgomery student petitions must be documented, circumstances verified by the appropriate academic official at each location, and a letter recommending support or non-support must accompany the packet before the Dean of the Graduate School will present the petition to the respective Academic Dean(s).
  • Submit packet to department chair or program coordinator at your site.

    Your packet will be forwarded from your site to the regional office for review by the Regional Associate Director of Academics. Packet will then be submitted to the Graduate Dean who will in turn submit the petition and supporting documentation to the appropriate departmental faculty committee. The faculty committee will review and make a recommendation to the dean of the discipline area. The dean of the discipline has the right to accept or reject recommendation. The petition is forwarded to the Dean of Graduate School and Chair of Graduate Council for further action. The student will be notified of the decision in writing and/or any conditions. The decision of the Graduate Council is final.

    A full description of the process is available in the Graduate Catalog.

    ***Please be advised, this page provides basic information and does not serve as your contract with the university, please refer to the appropriate 2009-2010 Troy University Catalog for official policies and procedures.***

    Last Updated: 02/27/2013

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