Graduation ceremony dates for each Global Campus site are listed on the individual site pages. Please refer to your specific site page for specific location, dates and times.

Comprehensive Exam Proctor Form - click here

Intent to Graduate

Candidates for an undergraduate or graduate degree must indicate their intentions to complete the requirements for graduation by filing an "Intent to Graduate" form online. Since this form is used to check completion of requirements, order diplomas, and enter students in the commencement program, it must be filed according to published deadlines. A fee of $60.00 is required at the time the intent is filed. Students who fail to graduate as scheduled must resubmit their intent to graduate and repay all applicable fees.

Intent to Graduate Form - click here

Graduation Participation Form - Click here

Deadline to file an Intent to Graduate for the term - click here

Academic Regalia

You may order your graduation regalia directly through the Troy University bookstore site - click here.

Graduation Products and Rings - click here


Diplomas are printed and distributed at the conclusion of every term. Conferral months are as follows:
Term 1-October
Term 2-December
Term 3-March
Term 4-May
Term 5-July

ALL DIPLOMAS WILL BE MAILED FROM THE TROY CAMPUS TO THE STUDENT. Diplomas delivered from Troy University to the student will require signature confirmation. If a signature cannot be obtained at time of delivery, then you will receive a notice with specific instructions for claiming the diploma (you have one week to pick it up). If it is unclaimed, it will be returned to TROY. If TROY has to resend, the student will be charged a fee.

Alumni Organization

The Troy University National Alumni Association is an organization with the dual objective of serving both the university and its alumni body. As a member of the Troy University National Alumni Association you can help in the university's continued growth and development.


Last Updated: 02/26/2013

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