ADA Policy

Does Troy provide special accommodations for people with disabilities?

Yes. Please visit TROY's ADA policy for any additional process information.

Adaptive Needs

This program provides assistance and accommodations to students with documented disabilities that may impede their academic progress. Services include notifying instructors about the student's disabling condition and the specific accommodations to which the student is entitled. Adaptive Needs will not alter the academic requirements of individual courses. Each student must provide recent documentation of his or her disability in order to participate in the Adaptive Needs Program.

Procedure for Applying for Adaptive Needs

Complete the following forms:

  • Application for Disability Services
  • Permission to Release Information

    Attach recent written documentation from a qualified professional stating the nature of the disability and necessary accommodation. Documentation Guidelines

    Submit completed package by mail to the following location::

    Troy University
    ATTN: Leilani Evans
    100 University Park
    Troy, Alabama 36082

    *Section 504 Grievance Procedure

    A currently enrolled student with a documented qualifying handicap or disability who contends that appropriate accommodations or modifications are not being met should attempt to resolve the issue informally with the instructor. If an informal resolution has not been reached within ten class days, the student should inform in writing the Academic Dean or, in the case of Troy Global Campus, the Regional Director. If the complaint is not resolved at this level with in ten class days the student may inform the Office of Human Resources or the Vice-President for Student Affairs (Troy campus and Phenix City), and for Troy Global Campus, the Vice President of Troy Global Campus. If the matter is not successfully resolved at this level within ten class days, the grievant may appeal in writing to the Chair of the Accessibility and Accommodations Committee who will conduct a hearing before the full committee within ten class days and make a recommendations to the Provost who will inform the grievant of the final decision within ten class days from the receipt of the committee recommendation.

    *The ten class day time frame is the maximum allowable. At each level of the procedure, the grievance should be processed as expeditiously as possible.


Last Updated: 01/16/2013

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