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This site serves our Regional, eCampus, eArmyU, and International patrons. Please let us know how the Library staff and this Web site can better serve you.

Global Campus Librarian. Mr. Jay Brandes will be glad to assist you and your students. <click here for contact information>

Atlantic Region Librarian. Ms. Susan Cornett supports students at sites in Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC. <click here for contact information>

Subject Librarians. These are the subject experts that you and your students can turn to when addressing a specific research need within a given discipline. <click here for contact information>

Quick tour <click here for a quick tour of the TROY Global Campus Library site>.

Syllabus (Library information to include).

For eCampus, eArmyU, Pacific Region, Southeast Region, Western Region, and International sites: the Microsoft Word® document <linked here> contains the up-to-date Library information.

For Atlantic Region sites: the Microsoft Word® document <linked here> contains the up-to-date Library information.


Two page Library handout. <linked here> is a great tool to hand out (in the physical classroom) or post in your online class. Updated 2/2/2011.

Five page Library handout. <linked here> is a more detailed version of the guide just above. Updated 5/4/2011.

Handouts. The Information and Help section of this site provides access to both brief, and in-depth, guides to Library services. There are 20+ page guides for each degree program.

TROY1101 Library Toolkit. <linked here> is a storehouse of material for teachers of TROY1101 (Global Campus only, not Alabama Campuses). Updated for T1, 2011.

Video information.

Click here.

Faculty Development Links.

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Some of what your Library can do for you:

Mr. Brandes is available for class visits, in person (at selected locations), via VTC, or Wimba Classroom (in Blackboard).

Tutorials. For you, your staff, and your students. If you don't see what you need, maybe we can create it.

Site-specific directories. For each site in which TROY has a teaching facility, this site provides a list of libraries in that geographical area. While the Library strives to keep abreast of these locations, site directors are free to contact us regarding new sites, programs, or any other library issues.

Electronic Reserves. Place articles, book chapters, handouts, etc. at the Library's electronic reserve desk. Students access materials online from anywhere in the world.

Course/instructor-specific online guides. <click here for an example> Need to direct your students to specific Web sites, databases, or individual journals? We can set up a page with everything they need to know, and you can just send them there.

Need Library instructions to put in your syllabus or other course materials? We can help get your students from there to here ... just ask.

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