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Troy University is a community college students' gateway to a bachelor's degree!

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Transfer Students

Transfer applicants must have attempted at least 24 credit hours of coursework, excluding developmental courses, at other colleges or universities.

Transfer applicants must have official transcripts from each college or university they have attended sent directly to the admissions office of the Troy University campus or site they plan to attend. Transfer applicants must also submit transcripts from colleges where registration was completed, even though credit might not have been earned.

A student may not be enrolled at another college or university and Troy University at the same time without prior approval of the Dean of Enrollment Management or the appropriate campus designee.

Additional requirements, restrictions, and qualifications are listed in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog and the Graduate Academic Catalog.

To view all undergraduate and graduate academic catalogs that are available, please visit the Academic Catalogs web page.


Last Updated: 07/22/2012

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