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Criminal Justice Degree Completion

HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College and Troy University Partner
for In-class Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree Completion

HACC has partnered with Troy University to offer students and area criminal justice professionals an opportunity to complete their Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ). Students entering with an AA in CJ from HACC can often apply all of their
credits to TROY’s BSCJ degree.

Community colleges provide convenience and affordability for many students, while giving them a solid educational foundation close to home. Troy University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree completion program makes a four year degree accessible with all the conveniences of HACC. Classes offered face to face in five nine-week terms makes earning a bachelor’s degree possible in just two additional years.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree prepares students for professions in law enforcement, courts and corrections at the federal, state and local levels, as well as research careers in criminology and numerous related fields in both
private and public agencies.

Courses in this degree examine the criminal justice system from a psychological, sociological, legal and administrative perspective. Though devoted to the criminal justice system, the curriculum offers students opportunities to explore special interests such as terrorism, victimology and gangs.

CJ 2221 (3) Survey of Law Enforcement
CJ 3352 (3) Constitutional Law
CJ 3375 (3) Introduction to Social Scientific Inquiry
CJ 4440 (3) Terrorism
CJ 4472 (3) Cyber Crime

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree Completion Transfer Matrix - click here

For more information on how you can complete your Criminal Justice degree, please call TROY at the Harrisburg Site–HACC Campus at 888-331-3329


Last Updated: 02/21/2013

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