ANYONE WITHOUT A DOD DECAL MUST ENTER BY THE LaSALLE GATE. (See instructions below—you will not enter the base unless your name is on the student roster at the LaSalle Gate).

From I 64 East or West, take the Armistead/LaSalle Ave/LANGELY AFB exit. Signs are prominent. You will exit onto Armistead Ave. Turn onto LaSALLE Ave and follow it to the Main Gate  Classes can be at different locations on the Base. Please note your classroom location on your syllabus.

EDUCATION CENTER: The Education Center is approximately 3.5 miles from the Visitor’s Center. The best way to get here, if you come through the LaSalle gate, is to take the first available left hand turn, which is Elm St.  Get in the right hand lane.  Go to the end of that road and turn left again onto Sweeney Blvd.  The West Gate will be directly in front of you and it will look like you are going out of the base, but right before you come to the gate, there is a road to your right, Lee Rd.  Turn onto it.  It will curve around the flight line and go past a large hanger on your left.  You’ll come to an intersection – proceed through it.  You’ll see the golf course club house on the left.  Stay on the same road until you’ve gone completely through the golf course grounds.  On your right will be the Langley temporary housing facility, on the left will be a construction zone.  On the left hand side, directly after the building site, is a side street and the Education Center sits on that corner.  There is parking behind the building. Various classrooms are used. Check your syllabus for the correct room number. 


Base Access requirements for civilian students taking classes on  Langley AFB have changed.  The Air Force will now be conducting background checks on all students who are not active duty or reservist military, dependents or DOD employees.

Students not registered by 8 AM on the Monday of the last week of registration may not be able to access the base for classes during the first week of the term, because the initial base pass list for classes must be prepared and submitted to the Security Forces by Monday of the last week of registration.  One follow up list will be submitted on the Monday of 1st week of classes.

Langley AFB does not issue term passes. Instead, they check students against  a certified access roster which is available at both the LaSalle Gate and at the Visitor’s Center.  The Access Roster is developed from the class rosters and delivered to the Security Police on Monday of the 4th week of registration and again on Wednesday and Friday of the 1st week of classes by the Langley Site Coordinator.  Civilians may email ( or call the site coordinator to ensure that their name is on the roster – Mon, Weds, Thurs between 8:30 and 4:00 call 766-3611. Tues between 8:30 and 4:00 call 788-4752. 

Civilian students must enter through the LaSalle Gate.

Students will need: 

  • Current car registration
  • Current Driver’s license
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Name on the access roster.


Civilian students taking classes on Langley AFB will be subject to a background check by the Security Forces.  Students will not be permitted to enter Langley AFB if they have been convicted of any of the following felony offenses:

     a.  Murder *

     b.  Manslaughter *

     c.  Attempted murder *

     d.  Possession/weapons of mass destruction

     e.  Terrorist threats against government/government buildings  

     f.  Aggravated sexual assault or rape *

     g.  Child molestation *

     h.  Espionage

     i.  Sedition

     j.  Treason

     k.  Violence at international airports

     l.  Conspiracy or attempt to commit any of the above offenses

Students will be refused entry to Langley AFB if they have been convicted of any of the following offenses within the previous 5 years:

    a.  Threatening to bomb a government building

    b.  Illegal sale, distribution, or manufacture of explosives or weapons

    c.  Arson

    d.  Importation or manufacture of a controlled substance

    e.  Extortion

    f.  Bribery

    g.  Kidnapping or hostage-taking

    h.  Sexual assault and/or sexual battery

    i.  Registered sexual offender

    j.  Armed robbery

    k.  Illegal possession or use of an explosive or weapon

    l.  Distribution or intent to distribute a controlled substance

    m. Conspiracy or attempt to commit any of the above offenses

    n.  Two or more felony convictions of any type

    o.  Five or more felony convictions of any type within ten years

 In addition, students are not authorized entry to Langley AFB if they are considered “Wanted” for any offense other than traffic violations.  The 1st Security Forces Squadron, Security Forces Investigations (1 SFS/SFOI) will notify the originating Law Enforcement Agency to verify wanted and extradition status.  For traffic violations, students must correct the wanted status and provide documentation to 1 SFS/SFOI to support they are no longer considered wanted.  Once wanted status is rectified, they will be allowed entry providing they meet the above criteria.  For serious wanted offenses, 1 SFS/SFOI will arrange detainment/custody and arrange extraditions to the appropriate civilian law enforcement confinement facility.