Directions to Fort Eustis (Pass Information for Civilians Below) 

Directions to Fort Eustis (Pass Information for Civilians Below) 

Take I-64 East or West to the Fort Eustis Blvd/Fort Eustis exit. This leads to the main gate.

NOTE: Any one without a DoD car sticker (including Active Duty Air Force) must obtain a one day pass at the Vehicle Inspection Point (tent area) just past the Visitor's Center. To obtain a one day pass, you must show: valid picture Driver's License, valid car registration, current vehicle inspection sticker, proof of insurance, and vehicle tag number.

DIRECTIONS for the Herb Bateman Army Education Center (classrooms and site office):

After obtaining the pass and completing the vehicle inspection, continue on the entrance road (Washington St) and move into the left hand lane. Continue to the traffic circle.  Bear left and enter the circle  but move immediately to the right hand of two lanes (crossing the railroad tracks).  You will exit the circle to the right at the 1st outgoing exit onto Lee Blvd.  (Visualizing the circle as a clock face, you enter about 4 and exit about 10).  The Post Library will be on your right and then the credit union, PX complex, etc. The Education Center is located at the corner of Lee and Madison on the right . Access to the parking lot is before the building.  Watch for a sign on your left that says Chaplain's Office and take the next Right turn (10th Street) into the Ed Center parking lot.

**** Parking is limited to designated spaces. Do not park along yellow curb areas, on grass, etc. Over flow parking is available in the hard surface area beyond the parking lot, along 10th Street, and across the street in the Chapel lot. Ticketing and towing are possible for parking violations, and tickets are processed in Federal Court (high fines).

INSTRUCTIONS for STUDENTS without DoD car stickers in Classes on Fort Eustis and Term Pass information:

To obtain a term pass it is now required to provide the MP's with each student's NAME, SSN, GENDER, ETHENIC GROUP, and BIRTH DATE.  Students enrolling in classes on Fort Eustis will have to email with this information to be included on the list.

Students enrolled in classes on Fort Eustis are eligible for a pass that will cover the term.  Individual letters for enrolled students will be sent to the Military Police on Weds of the last week of each registration period. A security check will be run for each student requesting the Term Pass. Military Police will provide the letters to the Visitor Center upon completion of their check, usually within 72 hours. The Visitor Center is open 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Mon-Fri.   Students unable to obtain a term pass during the Visitor Center 's hours of operation will have to go through the vehicle inspection procedures (above) to obtain a one day pass. Display the pass on your car windshield and show picture ID to the gate guard. It is preferred that you carry a class registration form with you. When you register on-line, you can print MY SCHEDULE through TWE.

Instructions to civilians issued the Fort Eustis Pass:

• No weapons or ammo. No explosives. No unauthorized riders. Only individuals in the car should be the individual who was issued the pass or those with valid DOD IDs. 

• If you cease to take classes on Fort Eustis, you will surrender the sticker.

Remember you and your vehicle are subject to search when entering post. 

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