Setting Up a Proctored Exam

This information applies to Blackboard course exams. For information about specialized exams like MFTs, MAPPs, COMPASS, MAT, etc., please see the More Details section below.

A proctored exam must be taken under supervision. Many eTROY courses now require a proctored exam. In most cases you should expect to pay a fee for proctoring services. (the cost of proctoring fees depend on the proctor you choose). View the Proctored Exam Flipbook for further details and information.

Step 1. Check your syllabus and other course information for the dates of your proctored exam.

Contact your instructor if the dates of the proctored exam are not clear.

Step 2. Select a proctoring method.

Troy has approved four proctoring methods for you to choose from:

  • an approved third party certified commercial testing center
  • a technology based proctoring option
  • an approved Military Education Office testing office
  • a Troy University campus or site testing center (if available)

Click here to read details about each option. These options are not available for all tests (some courses have special requirements), so review this link carefully for specific information.

Step 3. Submit your choice on the online proctor form. Do this well in advance of your test!

Link to the form:

  • eTROY needs 24-72 hours to process your form.
  • If you choose a testing center, make sure you submit the right email address for your proctor!
  • The proctor form is always made available the second week of each term, after the add/drop period closes.

Step 4. Check your email address for confirmation and further instructions.

If you don't see our confirmation email, check your junk/spam folders.

Important Information

  • Confirm with your testing center: If you choose a testing center, exam information is emailed to your proctor by eTROY. These emails may be filtered out or misplaced, so please confirm that your proctor has received the exam information before you go to take your exam. If your proctor does not receive our email, contact us at the link below.

  • ProctorU: ProctorU is set up ahead of time with all necessary exam information.

  • Deployed military students: If none of the approved proctoring options are available to you because you are deployed overseas, eTROY will allow an officer with a rank of O-2, E-7, or W-2 or higher to act as your proctor. Please email eTROY testing staff with the details of your situation (see "Contact Us" below).

  • Troy sites: Some Troy sites are able to proctor if they have the necessary staffing. Students should contact their nearest site to ensure availability before attempting to submit the Course Exam Proctor Form indicating that site as their proctor. Most Troy sites will continue to proctor the following specialized exams as well: COMPASS tests, MFTs, MAPPs, Comprehensive Exams, Capstones (PA 6699, COM 6699, MBA 6611, MGT 6685, HRM 6698, FIN 4431, MKT 4469, MGT 4476, MGT 4479), Formative Exams (ACT 2292, LAW 2221, & QM 2241), and MSHRM Competency Exams.

  • Testing at a Troy Site: To schedule an appointment to take your exam at a Troy site, please go to the following link to find the contact information for the designated proctor at the site you wish to use:  Also, remember to officially submit your proctor request via the appropriate online proctor form.

  • Formative Exams: Please note that formative exams (ACT 2292, LAW 2221, & QM 2241) are given the Sunday thru Saturday of the final week of each term.

Other Exams

Undergraduate MFT/MAPP Exams

Graduate Comprehensive Exam

*MAT Registration Form


*This exam is given at the University Park location in Troy, Alabama.

Additional Resources

eTROY Proctoring Services at University Park

Contact Us

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