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The mission of the College of Education is to prepare educators, counselors, administrators, and other professionals to be life-long, innovative, informed, reflective decision makers effectively trained to achieve the goals, competencies, and skills identified by the accrediting and professional organizations for each program. Undergraduate non-certification programs in Psychology are offered through the College of Education at Dothan, Montgomery, Phenix City, Troy, and various University College locations. Offerings include a comprehensive 54-semester hour program, a 36-semester hour major, and a 18-semester hour minor.

The Teacher Education Unit is comprised of all undergraduate and graduate certification programs in the College of Education. All certification programs are approved by the Alabama State Board of Education. Certification programs are offered at the Dothan, Montgomery, Phenix City, and Troy campuses.

Graduate programs in Counseling, Psychology and Postsecondary Education are offered through the College of Education at Dothan, Montgomery, Phenix City, Troy and various University College locations. Refer to the campus site for specific graduate programs offered at each site.

College of Education programs reflect a flexible program of current curricula, educational plans, and requirements, which may be altered as warranted by changes in the professions and accrediting agencies. As regulating agencies (e.g., Alabama State Department of Education, NCATE, CACREP, and CORE) modify standards and expectations, programs may be modified during a candidate’s period of study. At such time, candidates may be subject to revised program or certification requirements.

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